In 1906 in the month of October, the Normal School was shifted from Guwahati to present place of Jorhat, in the heart of the city. Earlier training was given to in-service teachers of M.E. School up to three years. Then two years residential course was introduced. As the time passed as per present  need, various short term courses were introduced by the Govt. of Assam. In 2006, the school completed its glorious 100years. The school keeps providing service to produce trained teacher for Lower Primary School also.


Normal School, Jorhat aspires to be a centre of excellence in teacher education for promotion of school education that may compete with national and international standard.


To play the role id a catalyst for enhancing quality school education by improving the standard of both in-service and pre-service teacher training education.
To promote creative thoughts and ideas in the sphere of school education by augmenting the teachers in the realm of knowledge, skill, attitude and innovation.

School Notice